Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down

I remember walking out onto the stage for the first time-butterflies swirling around in my stomach and waves of nausea rolling over me as I breathe in and out to try and keep myself calm. I say the first line. With every word I dive deeper into my character, and I turn into someone else. The butterflies transform into dragons breathing fire of excitement into the pit of my stomach. I blink away the blinding lights and the crowd is a blur all I can see is the environment I’m imagining myself in.

Once the final line is said, a smile stretches across my face, and unbelievable joy swells up inside of me like a hot air balloon. It’s a high you can only experience onstage.

In theatre I had always doubted myself, never thought of myself as good enough. I had an incredible theater teacher, Mrs. Jenkins asked me to audition for the top theater group because she saw the potential that I couldn’t. When I got into the class, I still didn’t believe in myself, especially because there were so many other kids that were better than me. But they had been in theater for years and I had only just started. Just like with anything, you have to practice for years before you really become an expert of your craft.

Like funny man Steve Martin said, “Thankfully persistence is a great substitute for talent.” Living in mediocrity is unimaginable for me. My art is an extension of who I am- it represents me. It gives me purpose. My passions can’t fail. These are my only options at success. Even family members tell me I can’t do it, or that I should be more practical and go back to school. Life will throw some curve balls that will make you feel like giving up. Just the other day I got my laptop stolen from my car that had all of my projects I was working on, was I upset yes, nevertheless it was like the universe was testing me, and all it makes me want to do is overcome.

It’s hard to go against the status quo, but that’s what all the successful people do. Keep positive people around you, and don’t let the negative ones affect you, or in Harry Potter terms: don’t let the muggles get you down! You will succeed, and you can make your passion your future, but YOU have to believe in YOURself.



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