30 Day Challenge


I’m what you might call a bipolar gym user, in the winter I rarely go to the gym, there’s so many excuses… it’s cold, it’s cold, and it effing cold!!! Also there is plenty of food to eat, and i need blubber to keep warm! But once spring rolls around I am itching to get those pounds off. I have this inner battle I think most of us women go through, where we aren’t quite “fat” but we aren’t “skinny” either. We go back and forth saying to ourselves, ” well you know this stomach roll isn’t so bad, I’m only human after all” to saying “Oh my gawd I look pregnant, how did i let myself go like this???!!” And it’s in those freak out fat moments where you say to yourself “alright the fact that you named your muffin top is enough, it’s time to get off my ass and lose this weight!”

Now when I lose weight I am sure to not go on any crazy fad diets or workouts, I couldn’t be bulimic, or anorexic if I tried ( and I have tried back in the day). I just cut down my processed food, eat A TON more fruit, and fresh cooked chicken, and I workout about 3 times a week. But just to keep myself in check, and to make sure I’m ready by summer time, I’m posting for 30 days about my progress. This is to help me stay accountable, and it will help me really see my progress. I want to push myself a little further and get a little stronger. I want to be the hottest me this summer lol and the healthiest. So watch out on my instagram, snapchat, and blog, because I will be posting updates.

I have been eating better for the past month, and getting back into a routine of working out, and have already lost 7 pounds. For me its not about the scale though, it’s more about gaining muscle and staying healthy. I still have so much to work on, so lets see how this turns out by day 30!

– A


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