Driller Crossfit | Day 17

I freaking love Crossfit. Last summer I had worked out by myself, forced myself into the yellow purple land of planet fitness, and get my work out on. I got some decent definition, and did pretty well by myself. Still had quite a bit of stomach fat, but what can I say I love me some pasta. I originally thought that Crossfit was just for intense athletes, and never thought I could get in shape enough to join. However that is not the case. Anyone can do it, there are all different kinds of people there, some are beginners, and some are experts. But no matter which one they are the whole class is super encouraging, and team oriented.

What I dislike most about working out is having to think about the workout. I like it to be a mindless activity, an escape for my brain. Which makes Driller Crossfit a perfect match. The coach Victor is super amazing, he’s encouraging, and knowledgable. The workouts are hard, I’m lifting weight, gaining muscle, and at the end of the work out, I collapse on the ground with my tomato red face, blink away the sweat, and I think to myself “Well I have proven to myself today that I am not a lazy fu*k” and its a freaking great feeling. To know that you have accomplished something that was so hard for you. It has been a month or so that I have been doing Crossfit, and i hope I never have to go back to a regular gym again.

So the fitness isn’t hard to keep up with, the eating on the other hand has been a bit tricker. Not because I’m having cravings for bad food, but because I have no money for healthy food right now! I’m am ballin’ on a budget, and that budget is super small, like penny sized. The family is a bit low on the funds as well, so there is not much healthy in the house right now. Which my body is feelin it. All I want are my delicious fruit smoothies, and a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and spinach, but alas a budding freelance job has its spurts of money, and its downtimes of empty pockets. It’s been a lot of bologna sandwiches, bowls of cereal (which I’m sure isn’t healthy), and drinking milk to help recover my muscles. So it’s about time to get a part time job to have a nice steady income, that will be mainly for food ha. All my other jobs pay is so sporadic, a girl needs to eat let me tell ya! If anyone has some creative ideas of how to turn a piece of wheat bread with nothing else but wheat bread into a delicious healthy snack let me know 😉

Check out Driller Crossfit http://www.drillercrossfit.com/



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