Girls Give Yourselves a Break

miley armpit

Alright guys so I know mah girl Miley is a bit cray, she displays that on the daily. But just a couple weeks ago she posted this instagram picture, and out of all the things to be up in arms about (see what i did there), people got mad and disgusted about her armpit hair. Now I know ladies, we have been brainwashed into thinking that hair is gross is disgusting, and I am apart of that brainwashed group, but we have to cut ourselves, and other ladies some slack. We all know how it is. Maybe you’re growing out to wax, maybe you forgot and put on a tank top, or maybe you don’t give an eff and this is your middle finger up to society. Whatever it is I think it’s important to keep in mind THAT WE ARE HUMAN. We are not perfect, we grow hair, we let our nail polish get chipped and outgrown, we forget to brush our hair, we leave the house with out make up, or perhaps forgot to wash our clothes the night before, and must instead walk around the mall in sweat pants.

We can not be perfect at all times. Our society right now is one of the most fabricated, photoshopped, fake generations as of yet. And not to say that all of that is bad, but we must take everything we see with a grain of salt. Maybe some celebrities with a bunch of green paper wads, can fix every flaw on their body, and have a glam squad prepare them for every day, but most of us girls, wake up with dark circles around the eyes, acne and morning breath. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to be perfect. I find myself occasionally picking out certain parts of my body that I would want fixed or taken away by some magic wand. Only because it doesn’t look like her or her. And it’s not just magazines any more, it’s girls on instagram with matching outfit, and their sponsored protein shakes. Again nothing wrong with that, but when things are coming through your feed on facebook, or snapchat, the lines between what is real and fake become blurred. Maybe that chick does really wake up looking perfect… or does she fix her face before she posts a snap story?

I am fearfully posting this picture of my own beautiful armpit, in all it’s glory. I am preparing to wax, but sometimes I still want to wear a tanktop, without fearing of judgement. I’m posting this picture because I am not perfect 24/7, it’s probably more like almost near perfect 7/7 ha!

miley arm hair

There’s so many products, procedures, and exercises that claim they fix us, that we can look like that too, with just a bit more effort. But why is there nothing out there to say that we are beautiful just the way we are? Maybe we don’t look glam gorgeous all the time, but that doesn’t mean we’re worthless, or need fixing. Let’s just be real with another, and accept ourselves and others just how we are.

– Real Talk with A


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