30 Challenge Complete

IMG_1811I know that this is quite a few days late but nevertheless here it is. I did not weigh myself when i started or ended because that is not what I’m trying to focus on. I’m focusing on losing fat and gaining muscle. This has also helped me to love my body a little bit more, just the way it is. All the little curves that I hated I found that I didn’t hate as much because I’ve been working on my fitness (he’s my witness, fergalicious) and eating healthier. Now my diet hasn’t been perfect by any means. Extreme diets don’t work for me because I binge like crazy, so a balanced diet is perfect for me. However with a low budget I still ate pizza (which is free from my dad’s work lol) and ate spaghetti, and a couple other “non healthy things” but I tried to balance it out whenever I could. Basically trying to choose between the lesser of two evils ha. But even still I made progress, and now I have several jobs, one with very steady income, so buying healthy groceries should not be a problem, which I am super stoked about. I love my smoothies!!!

But i definitely think that us girls should go easier on ourselves. We see all these models and celebrities, and not only are they constantly photoshopped in pictures, they can afford awesome personal trainers, and liposuction, and even still in candids they look like normal people with an imperfect body. And as long as you are working to better yourself, whether it be to decide to choose water instead of coke, or deciding to run the color run, be happy about yourself and your body 😀



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