Stay Inspired

STBSometimes live art can be taken for granted. As you get older work becomes your main priority because, damn you’ve got bills to pay. You get home after a long day and you turn on your tv, or pull out your phone and hashtag, and double tap away. Before you know it you’re doing that every night. Even when you are out with your friends, everyone pulls out their phones a little too often. There is so much art and culture around us. Getting back into improv and remembering how much I love being on stage made me wonder, why in the hell do I not go out more to watch other comedy shows? And not just that but why don’t I see live music more, and art shows, and plays, AND MUSICALS for the love of God I love musicals.

Live art is so important, it makes our souls happy. Even someone who isn’t artistic needs art in there lives. Wether it be music or design, or architecture, art is soothing and helps us express and relate to one another. We so easily loose that child like curiosity about the world, and become bored or unsatisfied, and worry about how much more money we need.

So I have set a goal for myself, to get more involved in the art community. I’ve already got one box checked by doing improv, and being able to see shows for free and I’m going to go to the art crawls, coffee shops for open mic nights, and to live theatre! I also want to keep my creativity flowing with my other art endeavors, I might not make a living off of my art or singing, but I think it’s important to keep doing because it inspires me. The best way for me to get better at life is to stay inspired. I apologize if all of this seems jumbled, my grammar may be absolutley horrid as well. This blog is really for myself, and its been ages since I’ve wrote anything worth reading. However the more I write, the more coherent thoughts I’ll put together… Stay inspired you lovely humans.



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